Seabaugh Appraisal & Consulting

Seabaugh Appraisal & Consulting is a leading provider of quality real estate valuations for banks, financial institutions, and individuals. Seabaugh Appraisal & Consulting works with local banks, regional banks, and individuals to provide high quality real estate valuations in a timely manner.

Seabaugh Appraisal & Consulting specializes in appraisal for all types of real estate transactions including:

  • Commercial, residential, and land real estate purchase transactions
  • Mortgage financing for commercial properties, residential properties, multi-family properties, and land
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Estate planning
  • Private real estate sales and market analysis for individuals

Seabaugh Appraisal & Consulting
2815 Independence Street
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

Mike Seabaugh
Missouri Certified General Real Estate Appraiser
No. 2009028135
Phone – (573) 450-0313
Fax – (573) 803-3645